Server Update - 04 / 21 / 2015

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Server Update - 04 / 21 / 2015

Mesaj Scris de Mr JKR la data de Mar Apr 21, 2015 6:32 am

1. It was implemented a new system of killing sound effects.
The system does not offer bonuses ! It's more for fun !

How this system works :

If you kill one player in 10 seconds, you will hear a sound. If you kill another player after 10 seconds, you will hear another sound.
If 10 seconds between the kills have not passed, you will hear the same sound, until 10 seconds have passed.

Example :

2 players killed  ( within 10 seconds  between kills )  =  Double Kill
3 players killed  ( within 10 seconds between kills )  =  Triple Kill

The system works up to 10 kills  ( Godlike ).
When you have made ​​10 kills, a notification will appear on the general chat saying "Player X is Godlike".
After you have succeeded Godlike, the system will start over again  ( Double Kill, Triple Kill etc. ).
Other players can not hear that you have done 2 or more kills.
The system works as shown, unless you do not die in between kills.

For a maximum effect, we recommend to set the effects to maximum, and the music to 0 ( from the system options panel ).

2. A new Metins Map has been implemented.
You can find this map at Phantom Sura, and the name is "Infinity Realm".
To get there, you need to be minimum level 75; the teleporter does not require any item.

In this map you can find "Wild Orange" and a new type of Metin, "Dragon Egg".
The Wild Orange 's drop is the same as before,  and the required level is 70 - 85.
The Dragon Egg 's drop is Safir Mysterious Box, and you have drop all the way between level 75 - 250  ( 100 % chance ).

Each Safir Mysterious Box gives one of the following items :

1. Gold Certificate
2. Stick of Wise
3. Tear of Krixus
4. Shell Saint Jacques
5. Chains
6. Smoke Diamond  ( 100 kk )
7. Shield Yuna +9  ( Level 200, Magic Resistance )
8. Azrael Helmet  ( M / F )
9. Black Turban  ( M / F ).

3. Maps that were unnecessary have been removed :

- Labyrinth Map - removed
- Event Map - removed  ( it is too much lag during the events, so we will need a larger map )
- Supreme Witch 's Room - removed  ( almost nobody was going there anymore, so it was occupying unnecessary space ).

4. Farm Maps were have been removed and relocated.

Farm maps can be found  now in map1 of each kingdom. This way, we still have space for more useful maps, and it is easier for you to farm.

5. Monsters were added in V 3  ( V 2 monsters type ).
To ease your work during the daily Hexagonal Chests Event, monsters V 2 alike were added in V 3. Their respawn time is 1 second after you kill them.

6. New texture was implemented in V 2.
We have changed the old texture with a new one in V 2, more modern.  ( We hope you enjoy it. )

7. More monsters were added in the leveling map 95 - 110.
NOTE : The only thing I do not want to hear you complaining about, is Lag !
You wanted monsters, I put monsters. Now, that map is full.

8. The Supreme Witch has new drop and a new location.
The Supreme Witch was moved on the 9th floor of Lucifer 's Land. Her drop is Topaz Box  ( the most valuable on the server ), and you have drop at level 200 - 250.
The respawn time is 40 minutes, and the chance of drop is 100 %.

Each Topaz Box contains one of the following items :

1. Platinum Certificate  (2 pieces )
2. Gold Certificate
3. Silver Certificate
4. Emperor Armor  ( 2 types of armor - Warrior / Ninja / Sura / Shaman )
5. Pet Seal  ( Knuud - pet offering 20 breakthrough and 15 half-human, modified bonuses )
6. Smoke Diamond  ( 100 kk )

Drop of certificates was introduced, as we will implement several new Item-Shop items, starting tomorrow.
So, we decided to introduce permanent drop of certificates in 2 boxes on the server, in order to offer you the chance to collect more dragon coins  ( MD ).

8. New armors  ( Emperor Armor ) have been implemented.
These armors are normal ones, but the textures were changed. You will see in the game, when you will get  one  ( it is better to remain in suspense ).

Emperor Armors are 2 types, and have the same name :

Imperial Armor 1  ( Level 10 )
+9 = 600  Defense
+9 = 55 k  Max PV
+9 = 45 %  Magical Defense
+9 = 20 %  Competence Damage

Imperial Armor 2   ( Level 10 )
+9 = 600  Defense
+9 = 55 k Max PV
+9 = 45 % Magical Defense
+9 = 20 % Medium Damage

Opening topaz boxes, you will get emperor armors +0. To upgrade them, you will need for each level 10 x tear of Krixus and 10 x Saint Jacques shell.
The armors do not have as bonus resistance to damage, but damage, exactly like weapons usually have.
These armors drop only from Supreme Witch. It is recommended to be prepared to battle her quite long, because it has 100 % poison resistance and high defense.

So much for today. I wish you success and gain many good items !

[OWN] Khabal - Team Technician.

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