Server Update - 04 / 01 / 2015

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Server Update - 04 / 01 / 2015

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- Status has been repaired. It is recommended to reset the status when you get to level 250.

- Level of all monsters from Lucifer 's Land and of Grand Master Dragon has been changed to 250. Now you have drop at level 250.

- Because the quests from biologist appeared to have some problems, it has been created a new mission, for Tyrax (Seon-Pyeong). You will now receive all the permanent bonuses, and the new mission no longer gives HP, only defenses. The HP was put however on the 250 level armor (even more). You will need some quest items that can all be found at General Shop.

- Calendar of Events is now reachable inside the client, by pressing F7 key.

- Old type of horse has been changed with a new Striped Unicorn.

- A new NPC selling costumes is now present in town (Map 1).

- Power System was implemented and is fully functional, from the Quests panel, and power potion can be found at General Shop.

* Soon, Honor System will be added.

Last Maintenance - Info :

- Defense has been lowered.

- Armors + 11 do not evolve to armors + 12.  The Armors + 12 can be dropped only from Lucifer, as well as the Shields + 12.
The rest of any other items  evolve from +11. Armors evolve to universal armors.

The new items for upgrades can be dropped as follows :

- Demon Wolf = drops chains
- Ancient Golem = drops tears of Krixus
- Great Furious Orc = drops shells Saint Jacques

All these 3 bosses can be found in V 3.

- Two new maps for leveling were added : 200 - 225, 225 - 250.

- In map 1 from every kingdom (blue, yellow and red), you will find now Crazy Shaman, who drops certificates that can be exchanged into dragon coins (MD).

- Also, there were added 5 new outfits (costumes) :

- Rabbit Costume (no bonus)
- Special Costume (25% chance to block body attacks)
- Iced Costume (+50 value of magic attack)
- Poker Costume (20% resistance to competence damage)
- Playboy Costume (20% resistance to medium damage)

These costumes do not drop anywhere, they can be obtained only in exchange of 30 "Krixus" words, or by winning the Ox contest.

[OWN] Khabal - Team Technician.

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