Runtime Error - Solution 100 % working

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Runtime Error - Solution 100 % working

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This method will get rid of "Runtime Error", the "??? ??? yes / no" error, "black screen" after teleportation or closing of client without reason.

Step 1 : Download CFF Explorer from here :
To download, click on "Download suite explorer".

Step 2 : Install the downloaded software.

Step 3 : Open the folder where you have the Metin2 client.
NOTE : The game must be closed when you make the settings !

Step 4 : Right click on the client starter ( Metin2Krixus.exe ) and select "Open with CFF Explorer", as shown below :

Step 5 : A window with some options will be open; choose and click on "File Header" :

Step 6 : On the low right side, you will find more options; choose and click on "Click Here" :

Step 7 : You will see a new window, where you check "App can handle > 2gb adress space" :

Step 8 : After you have checked that, press "Ok" and go to the top left side of the window, where you have "File" :

Step 9 : Click on "File", then choose and click "Save" :

Step 10 : A small panel will appear, asking if "Overwrite original file"; choose and click "Yes" :

After making these settings, the client will be functioning normally, without any error.

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