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Rules - Moderators

Mesaj Scris de Mr JKR la data de Joi Mai 21, 2015 8:47 am

Update - Special Rules for Moderators

The Obligations of a Moderator are :

1. To be present on the server every night at 21:00, for collecting certificates !
In special cases, when it is impossible to be online, the moderator must notify the Owners several hours before !

2. To maintain order and peace on the server. This Rule does not mean kick, mute etc., for nothing !
If a player is aggressive verbally, the moderator will mute that player, up to 3 hours, and will post proof on forum !

3. If a player is advertising for another server or is swearing the Staff, the moderator will apply a mute penalty, up to 99 h, plus proof on forum, when the Owners are not online !

4. The moderator is required to answer all PM-s containing questions !
Do not let online your account, if you are not at your PC or you can not answer !

5. The moderator has the obligation to give start items, to new players !
Also, when the start items are almost finished, the moderator will have to notify an Owner !

6. The moderator is not allowed to offer items to other players, with the exception that the moderator has a normal player account, and offers personal items !

7. The moderator may not make use of the start items, for personal use !

8. The moderator is not allowed to use the command "/dc", but only in special cases ( a player is swearing the server or advertising for another server ).

For the first violation of the Rules, you will get a warning, for the second offense, you will go down to the level of [ HP ], and for the third offense, your function will be taken permanently !

If a moderator has serious deviations from Regulations, the Staff reserves the right to remove moderator' s function !

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