Server Changes 50 % - 05 / 19 / 2015

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Server Changes 50 % - 05 / 19 / 2015

Mesaj Scris de Mr JKR la data de Mar Mai 19, 2015 11:45 am

Time is pressing me bad, therefore I will turn on the server and the I will continue modifying the client separately, since that will not prevent you from playing the game.

Most likely, you will be able to see the complete modifying, by tomorrow morning. Today, I am going to spend my time in the company of my bed.

What is New for now :

- Map 1 Blue and Red have changed completely. If you will experience lag, I will put back the old ones, but I doubt that.

- Map 1 Yellow remained the same as before.

- Circle of Map1 Blue was moved. In conclusion, the "Safe Zone" or the area where PvP can not be done, is up to the captain. You will realize that pretty easy, I guess.

- Server Interface was changed partially.

- It was added a new Farm Map, much larger than the older one, with three areas for each realm. Each kingdom has in this map Dragon Egg Metin, Orange Wild Metin and the rest of the Metins which were dropping upgrade items.

- It was added also a new map at Sura Phantom, where you can drop the hairstyles with special bonuses.
To enter this map, you will need a Stick of Wise.
To enter to the Boss, you will need a special Rubin key, which you can get by killing crabs, at any level.
Chance of key drop is 4 %, therefore you will have to do some effort to get that key.
After you have a Rubin key, you will be looking in that maze, for the chains that will lead you to the Boss.
The Boss is called Demonic Ninja, and respawns every 40 minutes.
This Boss drops a chest, and the chance of drop is 100 % at any level.

From that Chest you can obtain :

Shields + 14
Bear Hairstyle = + 30 Int
Bunny Hairstyle = + 30 Str
Cat Hairstyle = + 30 Dex
Wizard Hat = + 30 % Speed of Charm.

There were also added three special hairstyles for girls, that you can find at Pumpkin Jack Npc in Map 1. These haistyles do not offer bonuses, are just for "design".
Also, there will be added three hairstyles for boys to.

So much for today.

What has been implemented in the client, but is not yet functional :

* Honor System.
* Fast Equip System.
* I am working on a Vouchers System, in order to avoid problems like "I gave certificates, but I did not receive MD".
* Also, I am working on a System to collect Words, which would ease the staff 's job, and would not turn your program upside down.
( From what I observed, some of you do not have time / forget to come at 21 hours, when we collect words. )
* It will be available an automatic Ox Awards System, and the Event will take place every two days, as before.
* There are already implemented some new suits with bonuses, which you do not have yet have access to.
* I am working on another new map, different from the current ones.

All these modifications will be fully available during this week. Until then, I will take a break to sleep.

ATTENTION ! Because there were problems and complaints to the Moderators / Game Administrators, starting today MOD / GA / GM or anyone else beside of OWN, no longer have the right to kick or mute  without the consent of an Owner, only in extreme cases.
( Ex. :  A player swears the staff or the server / advertises ). In those extreme cases, the staff member will must to have evidence for the punishment inflicted on that player.

PS : Teleportation Ring has a small bug on "Close", on the second page. I already know about it.

[OWN] Khabal - Team Technician.

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Re: Server Changes 50 % - 05 / 19 / 2015

Mesaj Scris de Mr JKR la data de Mier Mai 20, 2015 6:26 am

Update - part 2 :

- The textures that could not be seen, were fixes. Update your client with Auto-patch, in order to see the textures correctly.

- The Teleport Ring was repaired.

- Lucifer 's Land Map was reintroduced.

- Land of Gods Map and Farm Map were changed, because some players remained stuck there.

NOTE : Every time when there is a new update on the server, it will be announced on the site.
Please inform yourself about the changes made on the server. Otherwise, you will end up with bugs on your characters.

The Team is not responsible for any problem that you will encounter, if you do not update your client.

[OWN] Khabal - Team Technician.

Mesaje : 28
Data de inscriere : 09/03/2015

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