Important Announcement - 05 /17 /2015

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Important Announcement - 05 /17 /2015

Mesaj Scris de Mr JKR la data de Dum Mai 17, 2015 6:45 pm

Next Maintenance will be held monday night, between 11:00 pm - 8:00 am, in order to add some new systems, runs and more.

With this Maintenance, the maps will be completely changed ( except for the Map1 Yellow, which will remain at the current graphics, for the lovers of classic servers ).
Game Interface will be changed ( inventory , buttons and so on ), there will be added some new suits and hairstyles / helmets, an honor system and a few runs, where you will be able to obtain certain items.

Please consider the following :

After this Maintenance, the graphics will be improved considerably; therefore, if you own a video card with less than 256 mb, sometimes you may experience lag on the server.

Please notify your friends about this announcement.

NOTE : Before the Maintenance, please let your characters in Map 1 center ( circle ) . Otherwise, you risk to get your characters bugged.

The Team thanks you.

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